Wrapped: All I want for Christmas is a Phone Box December 2012

Whether artfully wrapped packages with bows, scuffed paper with generous helpings of sellotape or Secret Santa surprises, wrapping and unwrapping presents is a big part of the contemporary Christmas experience. Wrapping objects in the name of Art is not a new concept: Christo and Jeanne-Claude were wrapping monuments, walkways and even coastlines back in the 1960’s. It’s a brilliant way of making us look differently at the familiar. It draws our attention to the object’s shape whilst creating an intriguing mystery about what the wrapping might contain. In the case of the Prickwillow phone box, we think we can solve that mystery. It is easy to project an image in our mind of what we think we know the wrapping contains: The old red phone box, which has become a recognisable and eye catching landmark. But is this what lies inside the wrapping and could there be more? Ouse Life have created a truly unique Christmas present. The hand printed wrapping is adorned with seasonal motifs in celebration of the spirit of Christmas: A distinctive and charming way to decorate Main Street in Prickwillow.